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About VAF – Volatile Acid Reduction

VAF is our comprehensive volatile acid treatment service. Safely removing excesses of acetic acids and other undesirable ethyl compounds is the most efficient way to improve the quality and desirability of wine, and can also correct imbalances in poorer quality yields. Our unique reverse osmosis technology ensures efficient processing while having little impact on the wine or loss of volume.

How does the volatile acid treatment work?

The wine to be treated is first separated into a concentrate and permeate containing the volatile acids. This permeate is then processed through an anion exchange column where the acids are absorbed by the charged resin cartridges. The acid-free permeate can then be recombined with the concentrate. As a closed-loop system, the process can be easily repeated until the desired acidity is achieved.

Benefits of VAF Volatile Acid Treatment

  • Efficient – 30% VA reduction on a single pass at rates of up to 4,000 litres per hour
  • Cost-effective – a diverse range of machines and services available to suit every volume and budget
  • Quality assurance – single pass with no recirculation, minimal volume loss and no heat increase
  • Improve your wine – increase the quality of even low VA wines


VAF Mini - Volatile Acid Treatment

VAF Mini

Ideal for smaller volumes, reduces dilution and improves accuracy ~10,000 Litres

VAF Midi - Volatile Acid Treatment

VAF Midi

Great for mid-sized volumes from 2,000 – 100,000 Litres Most versatile equipment

VAF Maxi - Volatile Acid Treatment

VAF Maxi

Most capable machine in terms of processing volume capacity from 5,000 – 500,000 litres


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