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Innovative Filtration Solutions

VAF Memstar is the international leader in providing innovative filtration solutions for a range of beverages across Australia and the globe. Our range of products, technicians & services provide tailored resolutions to suit all producers’ needs. Our services increase product market value and reduce losses, with our focus (provide value + quality + profit – loss – time).

We are not only driven to find the most effective technology for our clients, but to ensure that our services provide evidence-driven, economically sound results. VAF Memstar is confident in being able to tackle any winery’s vintage size, location & technical background. This is why we provide a range of sales, rentals and onsite processing services to ensure your wine gets on the mend efficiently & cost-effectively.

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Our Filtration Services

VAF Memstar is the industry’s leading filtration service provider.

VAF Memstar is the industry’s leading filtration service provider. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, developed, operated and maintained by our expert staff. Whether a client needs onsite or mobile treatment, the diverse range of VAF Memstar services and technical support provide peace of mind for any client, whether they want to treat a barrel or process millions of litres.

Professional On-site Filtration Solutions

Our Facility

We are committed to providing on-the-ground solutions to our clients, and this drive extends to our local site. VAF Memstar has recently developed a purpose-built processing facility in Nuriootpa, in the heart of the Barossa Valley. This significant investment in a state-of-the-art filtration plant reinforces our dedication to leading the way on filtration infrastructure in the industry.

The site offers a uniquely comprehensive service to our clients, with unmatched quality, efficiency, and convenience. Staffed by our industry-leading technicians, the VAF Memstar plant provides the fastest and easiest means to improve quality in your product.

Memstar Sweetspotter mobile equipment


VAF Memstar has designed, developed and proven a uniquely versatile set of mobile equipment to deliver unparalleled service and solutions to our clients. We not only provide the equipment, but the experienced personnel to safely and satisfactorily complete the service.

These portable machines are highly efficient, able to quickly assess and improve wine quality. Our licensed membrane technology can treat any number of faults while not impacting the quality of the wine – all while keeping your costs in mind.

Filtration Equipment


Vintage can quickly throw up problems that need similarly fast remedies. VAF Memstar range of rental equipment affords the winery a cost-effective means to process their product in-house. Our rental services come in a variety of sizes and capabilities to suit any vintage size, location, and budget.

We offer a selection of long (1-5 years) to short-term rentals (1-6 months) and provide all the training required to operate our machines. The professional experience of our expert technicians is further available as required to our clients – VAF Memstar can even remotely log in to the machines to adjust the process!



Should your requirements as a winery be persistent in needing a VAF Memstar solution, some of our equipment can be purchased to provide a lasting remedy and immediate return on investment.

With a broad range of sizes, capacities and proficiencies, our equipment is the most effective ongoing solution to all clients’ problems. We provide comprehensive installation, training and maintenance for all of our machine sales, and have confidence in guaranteeing their enduring performance and value.

Our Equipment Brands

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Benefits of VAF Filtration Solutions

VAF Memstar has always been on the cutting edge with innovation in wine science. Both academic and commercial fields have greatly benefitted wine treatment technology, and VAF Memstar is proud to have been an investor and contributor to many of those developments. Of these innovations, none are perhaps so revolutionary as reverse osmosis and nano-membrane filtration. There are distinct benefits involved with this technology:

  • Comprehensive treatment solutions
  • Quality focused
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Expert technical support

In addition to our proven and class-leading filtration equipment, VAF Memstar has designed, developed and proven a diverse portfolio of services to suit every clients’ needs. These services and machines are 100% locally designed, developed and built – assuring clients of ongoing support and maintenance of the equipment.


At VAF Memstar we believe firmly in evidence-based, means-tested filtration solutions. We recognise the importance of trialing small volumes (10 litres) for all of our processes. Our micro-scale equipment is the ideal platform to:

  • Accurately assess quality
  • Make better informed decisions
  • Demonstrates efficacy of the process
  • Reducing risk

Though it may be our smallest piece of equipment, the Memstar Micro machine is a cornerstone of our pragmatic approach to providing reliable and accurate results to our clients.

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VAF Memstar Facility

Our Facility

MemLo is a world leading distillery in Barossa, South Australia. A global leader in the process of low alcohol wine with custom machinery to enable the highest wine quality for the global market. The state of the art facility houses the unique MemLo equipment to service the wine industry.