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Flow Filtration

Cross Flow Filtration

Filtering a wine is a delicate service. Excessive processing can damage the wine, losing body and intensity. Our unique Memlux microfiltration technology generates greater flux between solutions, reducing processing of the wine. Its large microfiltration surface area can filter large volumes, while remaining gentle on wines.

How does it work?

Our Memlux machine employs a unique cross-fed microfiltration membrane and increased filtration surface area, allowing for higher flux rate and lower trans-membrane pressure. This filtration method is a single pass process.


  • Allowing more delicate wines to be treated
  • No heat increase – preserving flavour & texture
  • No oxygen pickup
  • Little to no volume loss (approximately 10 litres)
  • Cost-effective and efficient


Memlux Pro - X flow


Highly efficient, capable of processing 500-1,800 litres per hour

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MemLux Pro mini X flow

Memlux Pro

Larger machine, capable of up to 4,000 litres per hour

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