VAF Memstar Global Leaders

VAF Memstar are the industry leaders when it comes to wine finesse. We are known for our professional ability to improve wines through the removal or reduction of undesirable compounds. We are also known for our wine show successes.

Our equipment, staff and operation are geared to make good wines great. VAF Memstar seamlessly integrate into your winemaking team, to deliver exceptional results each vintage, helping to personalise your wines – quality wines true to your vision of character and style.

Your wine is everything to us. That’s why we’ve designed and patented unique, mobile filtration services that are highly effective, readily available, energy efficient and fast. Quickly improve wine quality and add value by removing undesirable compounds and taints on site. Our Nanofiltration process has made us industry leaders across the wine regions of Australia, USA, Chile, South Africa and Europe.

Because we’re mobile, the fruits of our standards of quality, service and filtration technologies can be all yours – wherever and whenever you need us. We’re readily available and our leading edge technology is a very cost effective way to both repair your wines or improve your wines. We have equipment designed to handle volumes from one barrel to over one million litres and, what’s more, you can rent, lease or purchase our systems, or simply have us perform the work for you.

Leaders through innovation

  • Cost effective services
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Experienced, trophy winning service
  • Value-adding filtration services
  • Accurate and quality driven results
  • Leaders through innovation

VAF Memstar has always been on the cutting edge with innovation in wine science. Both academic and commercial fields have greatly benefitted wine treatment technology, and VAF Memstar is proud to have been an investor and contributor to many of those developments. Of these innovations, none are perhaps so revolutionary as reverse osmosis and nano-membrane filtration.

In addition to our proven and class-leading filtration equipment, VAF Memstar has designed, developed and proven a diverse portfolio of services to suit every clients’ needs. These services and machines are 100% locally designed, developed and built – assuring clients of ongoing support and maintenance of the equipment.

Meet Our Team

Our highly skilled operators are both oenological and cellar-operations qualified, combined with several years experience.

Our People