Phenolic Adjustments and Protein Stability

Phenolic Adjustments and Protein Stability


Phenolic compounds and proteins play an adverse role in wine quality, resulting in undesirable compounds in your wine. Our advanced phenolic adjustment membranes can specifically extract these undesirable components, significantly improving the quality and colour of the wine.

How does it work?

The Memstar range of machines provides comprehensive adjustment capabilities. Filtering the wine through advanced membranes tuned to phenolic compounds, the process dramatically improves the protein stability, colour and quality of hard pressings. A very valuable co-factor is created that can be added to red wine to improve texture and colour stability. The filtrate can then be blended back into the free-run which improves the quality and margin for the winery.


  • More specific than traditional fining methods
  • Improved colour, body & quality
  • No volume loss
  • No waste management required
  • Maximises yields & grades
  • No bentonite required – removes wine protein
  • Cost-effective and efficient


Memstar Mini Alcohol Reduction Service

Memstar Mini

Ideal for smaller volumes, reduces dilution and improves accuracy ~10,000 Litres

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Memstar Midi alcohol reduction system

Memstar Midi

Great for mid-sized volumes from 2,000 – 30,000 Litres Most versatile equipment

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Memstar Maxi alcohol reduction system

Memstar Maxi

Most capable machine in terms of processing volume capacity from 5,000 – 500,000 litres

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