Volatile Acidity Reduction

Volatile Acidity Reduction


Managing volatile acidity (in the form of acetic acid & ethyl acetate) in wine production is crucial as excessive levels can lead to unpleasant characteristics in a finished product. In the same manner, volatile imbalances can radically alter a wine’s aroma, balance and ultimately, market appeal. Our unique VA reduction service can accurately reduce volatile acids efficiently and safely – providing cost-effective solutions while maintaining quality.

How do we reduce volatile acids?

The VA reduction process involves circulating the wine through a reverse osmosis plant to isolate a permeate to be treated. This permeate – comprised of water, alcohol, and the volatile acids to be corrected – is treated in an anion exchange column that absorbs the acetic acid. Finally, this treated solution is recombined with the concentrate and returned to the tank.

Benefits of VAF

  • Significant impact upon stuck fermentations
  • 30% minimum volatile acid reduction on a single pass
  • Efficient 1,800 – 4,000 litres per hour
  • Capable with small or large-volume processing
  • Selective membranes capture only volatile acid, preserving quality
  • Lower treatment pressure places less stress on the wine


VAF Mini - Volatile Acid Treatment

VAF Mini

Perfect for small volumes, less dilution and cost-efficient up to 5,000L

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VAF Midi - Volatile Acid Treatment

VAF Midi

Amazingly versatile, capable of 1,000-25,000L

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VAF Maxi - Volatile Acid Treatment

VAF Maxi

Our most capable machine, capable of processing up to 250,000L

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