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Cold Stabilisation Electrodialysis

Cold Stabilisation Electrodialysis

One of the least understood yet powerful processes in wine treatment, electrodialysis can be a logistically and financially draining ordeal. Our unique Selectra service requires no cold storage reducing strain on infrastructure and can accurately adjust ionic levels to winemakers’ satisfaction.

How does it work?

The Selectra machine is an exciting new addition to the VAF Memstar portfolio. This machine uses an electrically charged membrane to adjust the ionic levels present in the wine. As the wine passes through the machine, a target level of conductivity can be automatically set to reduce the ionic levels in the wine at an efficient rate to the desired level.


  • Accurately adjust pH to desired level
  • Calcium and magnesium reduction
  • Sodium chloride and ion reduction
  • Sulphur dioxide removal
  • Cold stabilization – potassium bitartrate stability
  • Inline treatment – single tank circulation
  • Efficient – Processes up to 8,000 litres an hour
  • Cost-effective – low energy requirements


Selectra - Electrodialysis


Mobile unit, capable of 8,000 litres an hour

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Selectra Mini

Selectra Mini

Mobile unit, suitable for trials and capacity of 20 litres per hour

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