TCA Cork Taint Removal

Cork Taint Removal

Cork Taint is a combination of TCA (2,4,6, Trichloroanisole) and TBA (2,4,6, Tribomoanisole). Our unique single-pass treatment has been helping winemakers remove the unpleasant ‘musty’ or ‘mouldy’ flavours resulting from cork taint since 2004. The Memstar process is efficient yet delicate, allowing for the processing of large volumes while not affecting the quality of the wine.

How do we remove cork taint?

The tainted wine is processed through a series of filter media canisters specifically manufactured to target TCA, TBA and other unwanted anisoles, removing the tainted components permanently from the wine and restoring it to its original standard.


  • Single pass treatment; this means no further remedy is required
  • Highly versatile – capable in treating a single barrel to bulk volumes
  • Efficient – processing rates of 200 – 2,000 litres per hour
  • Gentle – removal process has no effect on wine quality


6 Membrane Canister

6-Membrane Canister

Capable of 200 – 2,000 litres an hour

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