Lacasse Removal and Pasteurisation

Laccase Removal and Flash-Pasteurisation

Excessive rainfall or humidity can introduce laccase enzymes into your wine which cause undesirable enzymatic oxidization, causing whites to brown prematurely and colour degradation in reds. Our flash-pasteurisation service is an efficient and thorough treatment to permanently denature laccase in your juice or wine.

How does it work?

VAF Memstar’s temperature and time-controlled flash-pasteurisation treats the wine, inhibiting and denaturing the laccase protein. This process preserves the quality and colour of the wine.

Benefits of Flash-Pasteurisation

  • Efficient operation – 6,000 litres per hour
  • Cost-effective with low running costs
  • Comprehensive laccase inhibition
  • Increased shelf life of wine product
  • Easily transportable to a range of sites
  • Can assist with MLF by warming the wine


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Pasteurisation Machine for Laccasse Removal

Pasteurisation Machine

6,000 litres per hour

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