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About Memlo

Our highly specialised alcohol reduction and removal system, Memlo is an accurate and non-invasive method of crafting low to zero alcohol wines – an expanding sector in an increasingly health-conscious market. Along with our ‘sweet spotting’ trialing service, delicately fine tuning the balance of a wine has never been more achievable.

An upcoming development in the Memlo range will soon allow vintners to remove alcohol entirely from their product.

How does it work?

Our technology uses controlled vacuum and temperature control to separate and concentrate the aroma fraction from the wine and then remove the alcohol. The specialized design and PLC control ensures the highest quality on the market, the Memlo removes as much as 99.5% alcohol in a single pass, reducing handling of the product. The closed loop design ensures minimal volume loss of wine and only alcohol is extracted, and the process can continue automatically until the desired alcohol level is reached.


  • Accurate and gentle alcohol removal
  • Cost-effective solutions for range of volumes
  • Low temperature operation, reducing stress on wine
  • Highly automated with simple operation
  • Efficient processing speed – up to 1,000 litres per hour




Our newest development, a 1,000 litre an hour bespokely designed and constructed alcohol correction and removal product.


VAF Memstar Facility

Our Facility

MemLo is a world leading distillery in Barossa, South Australia. A global leader in the process of low alcohol wine with custom machinery to enable the highest wine quality for the global market. The state of the art facility houses the unique MemLo equipment to service the wine industry.

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