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It’s that time again – gearing up for another interesting vintage. VAF Memstar is here to be your solution in wine filtration, making sure your 2024 vintage is absolutely top-notch.

We are excited to introduce two brand-new services: colour removal and tannin adjustment – helping you finesse your wine exactly as intended, true to your vision of character and style.

Colour Removal

Do you have a surplus of red wine sitting in tanks? Or, are you looking to improve the volume of your white wines?

Our new Colour Removal Service can radically improve a wine’s market appeal, extend its useability, and add value to your product. Our unique nanofiltration can remove colour whilst retaining fruit and mouthfeel in a wine, granting your winery a valuable end product, able to be blended into white wines.


  • Efficient in processing large volumes.
  • No risk to the quality of the wine.
  • Increased colour fraction to be used for red wines.
  • 95% conversion to white/clear wine.
  • No waste.
  • No need for carbon; no carbon/cardboard flavours.
  • Inexpensive & simple to operate.

Tannin Adjustment

Tannin compounds play an adverse role in wine quality, resulting in undesirable compounds in your wine. Our advanced tannin adjustment membranes can specifically extract these undesirable components, significantly improving the quality and mouthfeel of the wine. This process is ideal for low and zero-alcohol wines.The Memstar range of machines provides comprehensive adjustment capabilities. Filtering the wine through advanced membranes tuned to tannin compounds, the process dramatically improves mouthfeel, making wine softer and more approachable.


  • More specific than traditional fining methods
  • Perfect for low and zero-alcohol wines.
  • Improved body & quality.
  • Minimal volume loss.
  • 95% volume recovery.
  • No waste management required.
  • Maximises yields & grades.
  • Cost-effective and efficient.

Our equipment is available to you on a fee-for-service basis or for rent, lease, and purchase.

Contact us to book your free trial.

– The VAF Memstar Team