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Alcohol Correction & Adjustments

Imbalanced alcohol levels in wine can severely affect quality and possibly prevent market accessibility for winemakers. VAF Memstar provides a suite of alcohol correction, adjustment and removal services that can provide the desired alcohol in wine without sacrificing quality. Our service includes regular sensory trials for winemakers to assure quality and accuracy before final reduction processes occur.

How does it work?

Employing our patented reverse osmosis technology, the wine is separated into a concentrate and the alcohol-rich permeate. The permeate is then heated and passed through a specialized membrane that filters out alcohol while leaving other important components intact. Each pass typically removes approximately 1-2% of alcohol. The single tank recirculation method means that the process is simple to operate till the desired alcohol level is reached.


  • No addition of water to the wine, preserving quality
  • No heating of the wine, preserving flavour
  • Minimal losses of volume
  • Affords immediate onsite assessment
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Treat 1,500 – 21,000 litres per hour


Memstar Mini

Memstar Mini

Ideal for smaller volumes, reduces dilution and improves accuracy ~10,000 Litres

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Memstar Midi alcohol removal system

Memstar Midi

Great for mid-sized volumes from 2,000 – 100,000 Litres Most versatile equipment

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Memstar Maxi

Memstar Maxi

Most capable machine in terms of processing volume capacity from 5,000 – 500,000 litres

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