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About Selectra

Selectra is a broadly proficient machine using electrodialysis to adjust the ionic (mineral) concentration in wine. This process permits a great deal of control in stabilising potassium bitartrate and calcium volatilities in the wine, reducing salt/SO2 imbalances and adjusting pH levels.

How does it work?

The Selectra machine involves passing the wine to be treated through a series of electrically charged membranes that can be adjusted to the desired level of conductivity in the material. Selectra can then automatically control the targeted rate of deionisation.


  • A one-stop solution to a variety of ionic imbalances in wine product
  • An inline solution requiring no cold storage to operate
  • Selectra can process up to 6,000 litres per hour and has minimal resource requirements
  • Highly mobile – trailer design suitable for a wide range of locations and sites


Selectra - Electrodialysis


Mobile unit, capable of 8,000 litres an hour

Selectra Mini

Selectra Mini

Mobile unit, suitable for trials and capacity of 20 litres per hour


Our Process

Cold Stabilisation Electrodialysis

Cold Stabilisation Electrodialysis

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