Would you like to reduce your tannins?

Tannins and phenolics are cornerstones of wines. They are responsible for structure, firmness, mouthfeel, dryness, and astringency. Too much or the wrong tannin, and the wine becomes unappealing and bitter.

Our Tannin Reduction process is a quality improvement step for red and rosé wines. We use carefully developed membranes to selectively reduce the level of aggressive and bitter tannins, softening the palate and revealing the hidden rich and soft fruit flavours.

VAF Memstar’s tannin removal process allows winemakers to sculpt the structure of their wines, without sacrificing the benefits of time on skins or ‘fining’ out the good bits.

This process creates the mouthfeel you want without fining or additions – no milk, no egg – it is the best fining option available for vegan wines.

Undoubtedly, the wrong tannins or excessive tannin leaves the consumer reaching for water, instead of another glass of your wine. Invite the consumer to another glass, by simply removing the bitterness.

Heavy pressings without a home? The quality gained through this process can see harsh pressings take a commercial step up – we can add an extra 50 litres per tonne in bottle, which means more money in your pocket.

Our equipment is available to you on a fee-for-service basis or for rent, lease, and purchase.

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– The VAF Memstar Team