Memstar and VA Filtration: lending advantage through innovation

Memstar and VA Filtration are South Australian sister companies at the forefront of assisting the Australian wine community in the ongoing pursuit of winemaking excellence and consumer confidence. Using our own, proprietary technologies, we have developed a series of processes and services based on the improved adjustment of alcohol, and the refinement and removal of unwanted taints to improve colour, texture, taste and clarity in finished wine.

All products and services are designed to help our clients’ ambition of making the best wine possible in every vintage, and encouraging all wine consumers’ improved confidence and loyalty in their brand of choice.

Matthew Hooper, managing director of Memstar and VA Filtration, explains: “Sometimes the biggest challenge is not developing the technology or innovation itself, but in trying to deploy it in the best way possible to the industry.

“We have tried to remove the barrier of cost and specialisation by offering the lease of our equipment with the assurance of a supervised service, and the convenience of flexible leasing terms.

“The intent is to make the adoption of innovation as easy as possible, to present it in the most cost-effective way to our customers, and to reward the consumer with a better-tasting, more reliable experience.” Mr Hooper concluded.

Key benefits of this unique approach and offer include:

  • Processing your wine entirely on site at your winery using Memstar’s and VA Filtration’s unique mobile plant and equipment.
  • Offering a short, medium or long-term lease arrangement to meet your budget and requirements.
  • Comprehensive training of your own staff to ensure independent, reliable operation of equipment and development of valuable transferable skills, thereby allowing the use of mobile equipment without the cost of Memstar and VA Filtration service staff.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our flexible, leasing offer can help your business, then please contact Steven Clarkson via email