Breakthrough Dealcoholisation Technology with MemLo

After our extensive research and development, we are proud to announce that we can now add back 100% of the aroma fraction to all wines with an alcohol level of less than 0.05%.

No other company or service provider can supply this technology, and this breakthrough has significantly improved the quality of no and low-alcohol wines.

Another game-changer from the R&D Department – we can now adjust tannins more accurately on white wines. This makes a significant improvement in wine quality and mouthfeel of no and low-alcohol wines – requiring far less sugar or other additives.

More About MemLo

MemLo is our highly specialised alcohol reduction and removal service and is an accurate and non-invasive method of crafting low to zero-alcohol wines – an expanding sector in an increasingly health-conscious market.


  • Accurate and gentle alcohol removal.
  • 100% aroma fraction remains.
  • Tannin adjustment on white wine for improved quality and mouthfeel with less sugar additions.
  • Cost-effective solutions for a range of volumes.
  • Low-temperature operation, reducing stress on wine.
  • Highly automated with simple operation.